What are good financial questions?

Don’t let confusion prevent you from reaching your financial goals…

  1. How much can I save?
  2. How much does insurance cost and do I need it?
  3. Are all forms of risk insurance tax deductible?
  4. How much does my employer have to pay me in super?
  5. What government benefits are there when I am starting off on my lower income?
  6. How much money do I need to make now to retire on at say age 65?
  7. How much can I save each month?
  8. How do I increase my monthly take home pay while being at the same job?
  9. I’ve heard of Compound Interest, what is it and how does it work? See our calculator
  10. I’ve heard of protecting my loved one, what does that mean?
  11. Is my debt structured well, is it ‘good debt’ or ‘bad debt?
  12. Can I afford to buy a home and should I?
  13. Can my interest rate be improved on my loan?
  14. Will I receive the Aged Pension?
  15. When will I receive the Centrelink Aged Pension?
  16. How much will I receive on the Aged Pension?

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